Does your Amazon Affiiate income

look like this?

Your Affiliate Success Coach

Kelly Bejelly

I’m a problogger turned coach who has helped bloggers grow their income and turn their blog into a business.

I’m a published cookbook author, a past speaker at a WordPress conference and have been working with large brands like Oprah, Blendtec and Kia for over a decade.

Are you tired of getting paid pennies from Amazon every month?

When I started blogging, I did everything I could to make more money with Amazon.

I promoted Free Kindle books like crazy.

I put links to ingredients in my recipe posts.

I always did shout-outs on social media during the holidays and drum roll . . . the most I ever made was $100.

I seriously had no idea how bloggers were making four figures a month every single month.

It wasn’t until I started learning secrets from affiliate marketers that my income started to increase. Honestly, I didn’t think it would work. I mean, I had tried everything I saw recommended in my bloggers groups.

On a whim, I made these changes in August. Two months later in October, I was shocked to see my Amazon Affiliate income was $530!

I could not believe it.

This was all on autopilot.

I didn’t have to do any hard selling. I didn’t have to email my list 600,000 times. I didn’t have to share on social media.

I literally did the tasks I had to do and then forgot about it.

I then sat down, wrote out the course and created the Amazon Affiliate Masterclass.

What’s included in my Amazon Affiliate Masterclass

This is a no fluff class. I tell you everything you need to know to start making money on Amazon following Amazon’s rules to a T.

You will have access to the course in your student dashboard and be able to ask any question via email.

Amazon SEO

You absolutely have to know the proper way to SEO for Amazon affiliate income to start pouring in and piling up.

Must Have Plugins

While putting direct links on your website works, you can make money when you use the right plugins to grow you affiliate income. I share all the plugins I used to make more money on autopilot.

Copy, Copy, Copy

Learn the proper way to write content that ranks your website quickly and let Google send you traffic to grow your affiliate income.

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Investment $250

You can learn all the ins and out of how to grow your affilate income on autopilot.

This course is only for the serious who are ready to make more money on Amazon. You will be required to sign an NDA to purchase the course.