Snap success: sprightly brand photography!

At Kelly Bejelly Media, we add a dash of magic to every brand’s visual tale! We whip up eye-catching photos and videos to propel your brand to the next level.

For over 9 amazing years, we’ve been crafting appetizing stories through photography, styling, recipe development, and videography. Our secret ingredient? Customizing our approach to capture your brand’s unique flavor!

With no fixed pricing menu, we cook up personalized packages that suit your taste and budget. Reach out to us for a tailor-made quote today!

Ready, set, snap! Our creative team is eager to start working on your brand’s visual feast. Let’s chat today about how we can help you succeed!

Ways we can work together

Monthly retainers

We offer monthly subscriptions to our services, which include photography, styling, recipe development, and content consultation. We offer a variety of packages that suit every client’s needs and budget.

Large one-off projects

We also offer large, one-off projects for those who are looking for something more customized. Our high level of customization ensures every project is tailored to your needs and never cookie-cutter.